Mother Mary Public School is committed to nurturing its pupils in a happy and holistic environment. The School pays attention to minute details of all the facilities so that each and every MMPSter is groomed and guided to discover his or her best while in School and when outside it. The stress is on quality learning – in academics as well as co-curricular activities.

Mother Mary Public School has a most upgraded computer system and software, ensuring a smoother running of School affairs and easing out everyone’s association with School – pupils, teachers, and guardians. It covers admission, examination and report cards, fee collection, transport, and issuing transfer certificates. The user-friendly, flexible and secure system now puts the data at our fingertips – literally!

The complex admission process has greatly benefited from the upgraded software. It is now a much simpler process. All areas of the admission procedure – registration, detailed entry of application, interviews, selection, and availability of integrated information during interviews – all of these are now done swiftly.

The advanced search facility is of great help. Similarly, examinations and printing of Progress Reports, are done in greater detail, comprising personal traits, conduct, and attendance percentage. The fee collection process can update parents on payment status without hassle. The new Class VI admission form now comes with semi-filled information on a pupil, minimizing wastage of time.