School Events

School Events


The winter nip in the air heralds the hours of celebration in Mother Mary Public School. The occasion is Shuruat, the annual function of the year. Shuruat refers to the foundation of Mother Mary Public School it is celebrated in mid-January. Students practice for this event for months and finally performs in front of their parents and guests the range of activities. They impress all with their skills in art, singing, dance, acting, and other areas. Shuruat is a festival marked by unlimited fun and exhibition of talent.










Q – Globe, Inter-School Quiz Competition

A popular tryst for school quizzers, Q-Globe draws the best from participants who strive to outwit each other in prelims and over various rounds in the finals.

The Theatre, Inter-School Film Making Competition

The Theatre presents a bouquet of original one-act plays, displaying histrionics at its best from pupils. An impressive range of themes, combined with excellent performances makes judges — always eminent theatre practitioners – wonder which plays to crown the best.

The Chorus, Inter-School Singing Competition

Young vocalists from Mother Mary Public School as well as the teachers take the stage to showcase their musical talent in the Chorus. It is moderated by an eminent singer and judged by stalwarts from various fields of music. Every year, the rise in number and level of perfection among young singers amazes the rapt audience.

Trinket, Inter-House Board Decorating Competition

Students from class VIII to XII astonish the judges with their creative art and decoration on their house boards.

Khel-Kud, Inter-House Sports Competition 


Teams choose their respective sports and play for their houses to win.

Pirates, Inter-House Treasure Hunt Competition

Students of IX and XI fetch clues to win the trophy throughout the school.