Counselling Cell

Counselling Cell

Guardians are to note that:

  • Special emphasis is given to inculcate a high degree of discipline amongst the pupils. Any kind of disobedience or objectionable behavior may result in the removal of a pupil from the School.

  • Strict action may be taken if School property, including library books, is willfully damaged or destroyed. In such cases, a heavy fine may also be imposed.

  • The use of unfair means in any test/exam will result in the annulment of one’s entire term result. A pupil, who renders unfair assistance to another, will be equally liable for punishment.

  • A friendly attitude is to be maintained with classmates. Strict disciplinary action, like suspension, may be taken against any pupil who fights with others and causes injury to them. Pupils injurious to the moral tone of the School may have to be withdrawn.

  • Guardians are requested not to permit their wards to be absent from the School except for illness or other equally valid reasons.


  • Pupils, absent from School, must produce a letter and an entry in the Regularity Record of their School Diary by their guardians explaining the cause of absence.

  • A formal letter, accompanied by a medical certificate, is necessary in case of sickness for over three days. If there be an appointment with a doctor, the pupil must not be sent to the School on that day.

  • Pupils afflicted by infectious diseases or exposed to such diseases must complete the QUARANTINE PERIOD of 15 days before re-joining School. A medical fitness certificate by the attending physician must be handed over to the class teacher at the time of re-joining the classes.

  • All leave applications, addressed to the Principal, clearly stating the name of the pupil, class, section, and session, should be deposited at the Reception desk.

  • Irregular and insufficient attendance may prevent promotion. Minimum attendance must be 80% of the number of School days.

  • Will full absenteeism before any test/exam without grant of leave is strictly discouraged as the absentees miss valuable revision lessons and helpful suggestions, entirely to their disadvantage. Thus such pupils may be debarred from taking the respective examination.

  • In case of ailment during Block Tests, guardians are to see the Principal (during visiting hours only) with the leave applications and necessary medical certificates, etc.