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Discipline & Justice

The Mother Mary Public School was founded in 2010 at Kanaipur, Konnagar, Hooghly. The school is an English Medium, Co-Educational I.C.S.E institution. So we are in the field of Secondary Education as per Central Board.

The school seeks to serve society by providing nurses with excellence in education service and research. Our aim is to make the students useful members of society having a love for social service. The motto of the school is “ENTER TO LEARN and GO OUT TO SERVE”

Keeping the individuality of each student in mind, all aspects of his/her personality are developed. We also aim to make him or her a good learner, efficient & disciplined worker & a compassionate human being at large – we will achieve the following:

Establishing a good learning environment.

Continually upgrading teaching abilities of teachers.

Continually improving Quality Management System

Using appropriate teaching aids and technologies.

  • Active Learning
  • Books & Library
  • Learning & Fun

Message From Principal

Mr- Sushant Kumar Bagchi

We, in Mother Mary Public School, aim to educate our student with a holistic approach, where the child will not only be given the right knowledge but we also keep an eye to the overall development of the child’s Personality, Leadership quality, Attitude etc.

We aim to educate our children with the aid of most effective, enjoyable teaching methods and teaching aids. We set high expectations but link them with firm guidance, support and encouragement. We value students who want to be successful in life and they are motivated to put forth their best efforts.

Message From

Mr. Arun Kumar Mishra

I, Mr. Arun Kumar Mishra a businessman and a social worker as well, felt the need of social, moral and education upliftment of my locality in particular and the country in general. I felt the same can be achieved by good education where all classes of the society can study and get proper education. Then I dedicated a School for the quality education of future generation.

It was my dream from younger days to open an English Medium School, to impart Education in such a way that it Caters to all sections of the society without any discrimination and strikes for the upliftment of the locality which helped in the birth of Mother Mary Public School.

50 Teachers
2 Branches
800 Students
10000 Alumni

Konnager Unit-1

Nursery – KG II

Monthly Charges -650


School Timing-
9:30am to 1:30pm (Mon- Fri)

Class-I – Class-IV

Monthly Charges-650 +
Computer Fees -100


School Timing-
9:30am to 3:05pm(Mon – Fri)

Class -V – Class -VIII

Monthly-750+ Computer Fee -100


School Timing-
9:30am to 3:05pm(Mon – Fri)

Class-IX – X

Monthly-950 +Computer Fee-100


School Timing-
9:30am to 3:05pm(Mon – Fri)

Hindmotor Unit-2

Nursery – KG II

Monthly Charges -500


School Timing-
7:30am to 11:10am (Mon-Fri)

Class-I – Class-IV

Monthly FEES-550 +
Computer Fees -50

Total- 8400

School Timing-
7:00am to 11:15am (Mon – Fri)

Class -V – Class -VIII

Monthly-600+ Computer Fee -50


School Timing-
11:30am to 4:50pm(Mon -Fri)

Class-IX – X



School Timing-
11:30am to 4:50pm(Mon -Fri)